The most beautiful and most cherished photographs in one’s home are the wedding photographs. There are few other days that exude such joy, excitement, and emotion and if you choose the services offered by MakMedia, you will have them all captured in a set of gorgeous pictures. Valuable memories deserve to be kept in a special place that is easy to display and present to your friends and family. The easiest and most elegant solution is to keep them in a beautiful, leather wedding album.



Not only will your precious photographs be protected from the ravaging signs of time, but they will also be easy to display or flip through, in a moment of nostalgia. Your happiest memories will forever remain as fresh as the day you made them, and you will be able to return to them time and time again over the years. This is the wedding album that you will look through, that you will show your children, and that will one day be in your grandchildren’s hands. You want a presentation that is classic and timeless.




Wedding Album Selection

MakMedia anticipates the needs of our clients, and so we offer wedding albums in a variety of different sizes and styles. Your wedding album should reflect the beautiful photographs inside, so that is why you can choose between high-quality, luxurious albums in traditional shades of white and blue, serious ones, such as black, or espresso, and modern pink and kiwi.



MakMedia wedding albums are available in two different finishes, both of the same outstanding standard of quality: a traditional option in genuine leather, and a more modern one in hardened glass. We are the only wedding photography company that can offer you the hardened glass option on the UK market. Protect your cherished memories and make a choice for quality that will last for years to come.